The Andover Community
Coffeehouse & Open Mic.

A folk and acoustic music venue in the Town of Andover, NH.

Join us for our monthly concerts at the Highland Lake Grange Hall
(on the corner of Rte 11 & Chase Hill Road, East Andover, NH.)
Click here for a Map & Directions.

  • Admission is free.
  • Doors open at 6:00PM for for light dinner and refreshments
  • Sign-ups for open mic also begin at 6:00PM
  • The show starts at 7:00PM & ends 9:30PM.
  • Open Mic musicians play 2 songs or ten minutes - whichever is shorter.
  • Join us on the 3rd Friday of the month, September through June.

Our Upcoming Shows:

June 21, 2019

Lara Herscovitch

Lara Herscovitch is a modern American songwriter-poet-performer gem, creating masterful contemporary folk with blues, pop and jazz influences. Former Connecticut State Troubadour, she writes, sings and leads with authenticity, integrity, humor and heart, delivering performances that inspire, inform, uplift and entertain. Sound Waves Magazine described her music as "expertly written prose… songwriting at its best… good for your ears AND your soul." Delivered with a voice Performer Magazine called "clear and smooth like expensive liquor," Acoustic Live in New York City added, "She possesses not only a huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity, but a keen sense of global concern and a fierce intellect... It might seem too good to be true, but true it is."

September 20, 2019

Oliver The Crow

"Within a week of meeting each other, we began mapping musical ideas and plans to record an EP," cellist Kaitlyn Raitz says of her first encounter with fiddler Ben Plotnick, before they even lived in the same city.

The term mapping is spot on. Each of the ten original songs on Kaitlyn and Ben's first full-length offering unlocks a different musical world. Oliver the Crow navigates effortlessly between the gravitas of chamber composition, the longing of folk music, the near dreamlike quality of atmospheric sound art, and above all, pop music's candy-sweet escape. It's no wonder NPR Music has named their duo "an inspired collaboration."

Kaitlyn and Ben's chameleon-like ability to skip between genres stems from their roots as classically-trained performers (Kaitlyn has a masters degree in classical cello from McGill University and Ben has performed as a soloist with the Calgary Philharmonic) but also from their love of bluegrass, gypsy jazz, everything from Hank Williams to Prince. Raitz is a founding member of folk duo Bride & Groom, tours with The Bombadils and has performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Station Inn. Ben is a primary member of the JUNO award-winning folk string quartet, The Fretless, and has contributed to hundreds of recordings as one of North America's elite fiddle players.

One thing is certain: Oliver the Crow cannot be defined by genre, and yet is timeless, indelible. Kaitlyn and Ben have mastered the art of anchoring a folk song in epic pop sensibility, and it is so fun to hear them smash all the rules.

October 18, 2019

Steven Chagnon

Steven Chagnon is a singer/songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of southern New Hampshire

November 15, 2019

Nick & Luke

Nicholas Horner and Lucas Chohany have a musical kinship unlike any other. With a love for traditional music and honest songwriting presented with the spontaneity of jazz and the reckless abandon of rock music, Nick and Luke have cultivated a musical language all their own. While playing a combination of americana-rooted original music, jazz standards and the bluegrass/old-time liturgy, their performances ebb and flow to create a playful blend of the visceral and the virtuosic.

Nick and Luke have toured the country top to bottom, playing venues ranging from desert hostels to sold-out clubs, yoga ashrams, performing arts centers and everything in between, including recent appearances at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and the Philadelphia Folk Festival, as well as performances on bills with acts including The Honey Dewdrops, Cris Jacobs, Caleb Stein, Valerie June, and many more.

December 20, 2019

Steve Schuch

Classically trained on violin, Steve is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist, author and storyteller. Honors include composer awards, Artist Fellowship Awards, and five fiddling championships. His recordings with The Night Heron Consort are national best-sellers. Beyond his solo work, he also appears with various guest musicians, symphony orchestras, and fellow storyteller, Odds Bodkin.

Steve and his music have embraced both the classical and folk realms. Haunting violin and whale calls... music and tales of Ireland... a pizzicato interpretation of a Picasso painting... these are just part of Steve's wide-ranging repertoire. Many of his pieces have been featured on National Public Radio and PBS.

MM DD, 2019

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At Highland Lake Grange Hall on the corner of Rte 11 & Chase Hill Road, East Andover, NH. Click here for a Map & Directions.

Doors open at 6:00PM for for light dinner and refreshments provided by the Andover Congregational Church. Sign-ups for open mic also begin at 6:00PM and then the show starts at 7:00PM.

Join us on the 3rd Friday of every month.

The show runs from 7:00PM until 9:30PM. Open Mic musicians play 2 songs or ten minutes - whichever is shorter.

Admission is free.

Come to play or come to listen. We are a listening room environment. Most of all we are here for the community, so come and be welcome.

We are the New Hampshire Magazine Editor's Pick as the "2015 Best Open Mic Night" in the Granite State.

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