Andover Community Coffeehouse

Open Mic Guidelines

ANDOVER COMMUNITY COFFEEHOUSE: Information for performers

  • Welcome to the Andover Community Coffee House! After you have signed up at the door you should immediately move your instrument(s) and cases to the room above the stage (Green Room). Access is in back of the stage, to the right and up the stairs. You can drop off your stuff and come back down to the hall.
  • During the evening the MC will announce each performer and the following two performers. This will be your cue to proceeded to the Greenroom. Pay attention to the MC, as the order of performers may change from what you signed up for during the evening.
  • In the Green Room please tune your instrument to avoid taking extra time once you are on stage. You can also use the room to warm up, but be courteous of others as there is only one room and there are lots of performers.
  • When you are "on deck" in the Green Room, a staff person will inform you a few minutes in advance when it is your turn to perform. You should come downstairs, ready to go onstage. Bring only bring the instruments and other equipment you need to perform.
  • Once on stage please indicate to the stage manager whether you will perform standing or seated.
  • Next the sound person (who may also be the stage manager) will want to know how your instrument should be connected to the sound system (via a mic or a cord to electronics installed within your instrument). Instrument cables and direct boxes are provided but we can accommodate your equipment if needed.
  • Once the instrument's needs have been addressed the sound person will assist in ┬ápositioning the vocal mic.
  • Please be aware that a vocal mic is very sensitive to its position in relation to the sound source so as to avoid feed back. The mic should be about 2-4 inches away and pointed directly at your mouth. Singing into the side of the mic, which does not pick up the sound well, is a common error for individuals not used to singing into a mic.
  • The sound person will adjust the levels of the instrument and the vocals prior to beginning your performance. Usually the audio equipment and sound person are located to your left as you face the audience. Be sure you establish visual and audible communication with the sound person at the beginning of your performance, as levels are adjusted. During this adjustment period make sure you are comfortable and able to perform at your best.
  • Most of all relax and enjoy.

The Andover Community Coffeehouse is located at Highland Lake Grange Hall, adjacent to the Andover Congregational Church.

At Highland Lake Grange Hall on the corner of Rte 11 & Chase Hill Road, East Andover, NH. Click here for a Map & Directions.

Doors open at 6:00PM for for light dinner and refreshments provided by the Andover Congregational Church. Sign-ups for open mic also begin at 6:00PM and then the show starts at 7:00PM.

Join us on the 3rd Friday of every month.

The show runs from 7:00PM until 9:30PM. Open Mic musicians play 2 songs or ten minutes - whichever is shorter.

Admission is free.

Come to play or come to listen. We are a listening room environment. Most of all we are here for the community, so come and be welcome.

We are the New Hampshire Magazine Editor's Pick as the "2015 Best Open Mic Night" in the Granite State.

NH Best 2015

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